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Help the Complubot Robotics Team

The continuation of our educational project depends on your collaboration.

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About us

The Complubot robotics space is a non-profit educational project. It is meant for kids in the ages 6 to 18. It provides them with a creative environment where to develop their most imaginative robotics projects.

We started with our activities back in 2003 and over 100 enthusiasts in robotics have been working at our facilities.

We use technology as an attractive excuse to work with other aspects relevant in the kid's learning process: team work, responsibility, creativity, effort¸ reward …

Our Prizes

During the past 8 years of activities we have been part of several competitions both at national and international level and we obtained over 40 trophies, most of them were first prizes.

Among others we should note that our particpation in the RoboCup Junior, and specially the World Championship which is part of this competition, brought us a total amount of 12 trophies since 2006.

This series of successful results have been a great stimulus for these young students that try to improve their performance year after year designing, building, and programming new robots for each competition.

Our plans for 2011

In 2011 we are preparing two different competition teams. It is our aim to get them to compete at the following challenges of the RoboCup Junior:

  • Complubot Soccer - Soccer category B
  • Complubot Soccer Light - Soccer category A light primary

We want those two teams to be present at the following competitions:

What we need

In order to be able of competing during 2011 we need to build 4 new football robots: 2 for the Soccer A Light category and yet another 2 for the Soccer B.

In order to make this development possible we have created a Shopping List which value adds up to 4450 Eur ($6,052), an amount far from our possibilities.

After 8 years of activities, our sponsors are economically exhausted and due to the economical crisis it is getting harder and harder getting new sponsors. We can somehow afford the very expensive trips to the competitions making use of our vacation time, but we don't have the money to build our new series of robots.

The expenses for these activies are always high: trips, materials, transportation of equipment, participation fees, insurances … all of these makes this project too expensive for the family economy to kid's parents. It is possible to finance this for some time, but not on continuous.

Any contribution, no matter the size, will be of a big help to help these kids build their fantastic robots.

Shopping List

Our credit

The name of companies and individuals donating will be shown -if desired- on the team's presentation poster that is shown publicly at all sorts of competitions the team participates in.

Here you can check some of the posters we produced last year:

Thanks for helping us making our dream come true.

Shopping list

This list includes the equipment needed for us to finish our robots. It includes just what we need to make it to the competition.

  • 10 - Set motor-gear-encoder
  • 3 - Digital compass
  • 12 - LIPO batteries
  • 4 - LIPO battery chargers
  • 3 - Power Supply 12V/10A
  • 6 - Arduino Motor Shield
  • 10 - 12V DC motores
  • 15 - Ultrasound sensors
  • 64 - IR receivers
  • 6 - Atmega328p processors
  • 3 - Arduino Mega
  • 3 - Arduino Mega Sensor Shield
  • 3 - Arduino Nano
  • 3 - Arduino Nano Sensor Shield
  • 3 - OLED Module
  • 4 - Electromagnetic actuator
  • 2 - Metallic molds for working with carbon fiber
  • Bolts and screws in M3 and M2.5 of different lenghts
  • Bolts and screws in nylon M3 of different lengths
  • Cables, connectors and other electronic components
  • PCB manufacturing materials
  • Epoxy and other types adhesives